Walk into your favorite toy store, market, boutique, or electronics retailer and what do you see? A beautiful assortment of products, no doubt. But are you looking at the actual products or the product packaging? Probably a combination of the two. Successful stores invest a lot of time and effort into how their wares are displayed to create an appealing, inviting, and alluring environment. You can be sure the chief buyer can spot the difference between strong versus weak packaging design.

Professional packaging design will give the edge your product needs in a competitive, some say cut-throat retail environment. Think about where your product will be sold, how it will be displayed, and how it will look next to your competitor. We call this establishing the retail context; photos are useful, but there’s really no substitute for seeing the shelf space with your own eyes. In some cases, you may want to create a whole new packaging solution that trumps the competition. This has clear advantages, but it pays to make sure retailers will accept a non-standard packaging format.

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  • POP provided a customized and elegant solution to a complex need to completely rebuild a website and database. We chose this firm after an exhaustive world-wide search. They are easy to work with, creative, and well-versed in the intricacies of commercial web design. Pricing is fair in comparison to abilities and services. We worked with Peter and his team remotely from Kansas City and the distance was not a problem. POP quickly became a partner and trusted adviser for our business.

    Dane Lee, Ag Guard LLC

  • Peter is a talented, versatile and professional designer who consistently delivers for us on short notice. We have worked with him since 2005 and value his timely suggestions about current trends in the print and online worlds. He also has a keen understanding of our business, our clients, and our requirements.

    Scott Hood, First Wilshire

  • Peter is easy to collaborate with and the results are fantastic. He knows his stuff and is very resourceful and a great troubleshooter. The best part: as the web site committee chair, I get to take credit for all his hard work!

    James Fortman, Santa Barbara County Psych. Assoc.

  • I have known Peter for over 15 years and he always produces quality work and has integrity…your best bet for whatever design needs you might have for your business.

    Brenda Christensen, Contatta

  • Peter is the personification of creative intelligence. His uncanny ability to consistently infuse the appropriate balance of creative flair and impact into text and editorial projects is inspiring. He’s unflappable under pressure and exercises the appropriate amount of levity to make working with him a true pleasure.

    Darryl Shelly, Greenlight Creative

  • Peter and I collaborated together on a couple branding campaigns for CrossFit Crown City. Peter is consistently able to come up with designs that are playful, poignant and serious—Oh, and they sell, too.

    Peter Danenberg, Crossfit Crown City

  • I have no hesitation in recommending Peter Otte Productions. He comes up with creative ideas and does not give up till the task is accomplished. He follows up and goes out of the way to be very helpful. Enjoyed working with him.

    Nani Narayanan, Agro Logistic Systems Inc.

  • Peter is a qualified professional who delivers high quality designs in a timely manner. We have been using Peter’s services for years and have always been impressed with his quality and efficiency.

    Linda Anavim, Cold Data

  • Peter has a great talent in making you look special to your clients and potential customers. He designed my stationary, logo, brochure, and helped define overall look for a building I purchased.

    Fred Figueroa, Figueroa & Co.

  • Peter  is very easy to work with, an expert in his area and responds immediately to questions on email or phone. He designed several catalogs and a website for my company and we have been very pleased with his work.

    Alison Baxley, BIA Cordon Bleu

  • Peter has been our web site designer for more than five years, and we are entirely pleased with the results. We are often complimented on the appeal and content of our site, and Peter gets all the credit!

    Steve Norris, Norris Realty Advisors

  • Peter created a great logo and website for my business. He is very talented and professional. I highly recommend his work.

    Nellie Rivas, Salon 90

  • We worked with Peter to create our new corporate graphic design and to apply this to our sales literature and website. He is a team player with a structured approach to the design and creative process and is always ready to learn more about what we do and our business.

    Mark Wilson, Infinova

  • I recommend Peter wholeheartedly. He designed our website, firstwilshire.com, and our marketing brochure. He was professional, flexible, and met all our deadlines, despite us making a number of change requests. I think Peter is an excellent designer.

    Dmitriy Kernasovskiy, CFA, First Wilshire Securities Management

  • Peter designed a really classy brochure for us to use with our Green Business Certification Program and was easy to work with – not always the case with ‘creative types’.

    John Brooks, City of Thousand Oaks

  • Peter is a very talented web designer with an extensive knowledge on the interworkings of web development. He is extremely easy to work with and does what it takes to accomodate the needs of the client. I highly recommend Peter to anyone who is looking for a cost effective and creative web designer.

    David Szafranski, Pacific Valley Bank

  • Working with Peter Otte Productions was a great experience! He helped solidify my company and our stance in the market.

    Lenny Walls, Next Level Fitness