About Peter Otte

POP was founded by Peter Otte in January, 2000. We had just survived the aftermath of Y2K. The dead heat Presidential election had just been resolved. The utter and spectacular disintegration of the dot com era was nearly upon us. It seemed like an exquisite time to launch a business.

The company began in Pasadena, California but moved north to Santa Barbara in 2007. We came for the air.

We are a corporate design firm dedicated to the clients we serve. We are passionate, focused, calm and opinionated. We value clarity in design and prose. We are more Beethoven than Mozart, more Van Gogh than Rembrandt, and more POP than Hip Hop. We take direction from clients and we give directions to tourists.

The objective has always been to work in as many different industries as possible. A second objective has been to remain open and flexible to new ideas, styles, and influences. You can view our services or browse our rather extensive portfolio. Word to the wise: you may want to click on one of the individual portfolios (web, logo, collateral, advertising, or packaging) if you have a particular area of interest.

Peter gained his professional training in design and advertising from Eric Ayzenberg of the Ayzenberg Group and in publishing with Bill Curtis of Curtco Publishing (publishers of Robb Report). Before that he worked for Martin Ransohoff (Filmways).

Due to a fear of needles and out of sheer practical consideration, Mr. Otte bears no tattoos nor any facial hardware of any kind. He admires the classic British resilience of those who do, however.

If you’re lucky, you may spot him gesticulating madly and behaving rather oddly as a tenor with a certain opera company and choral society in Santa Barbara.